From Aerospace to Software Development: How I Earned a 2-Year Work Permit Against the Odds

Chasing Ambitions: Karan Chauhan’s Story

Adversity frequently weaves its threads into the vast narrative of life, pushing us, trying our determination, and reshaping our fate in unexpected ways. Let me take you on a journey through the highs and lows of chasing dreams, battling setbacks, and emerging stronger than ever before.

Beginning with a strong interest in physics and a burning ambition to become an aerospace engineer and soar far in the skies, everything began. Imagine that, full of promise and enthusiasm, I won a scholarship to Lovely Professional University in India right out of high school. My life took an unexpected turn after a smooth first semester. My health took a turn for the worse, causing me to need medical attention at home. I battled for my health for months, which stretched into a year, until I had to make the painful decision to drop out.

But you know what they say about silver linings? They often appear in the most unexpected places. I remained steadfast in my dream chasing despite the setbacks. I took a different route and studied IT at Durham College in Canada after discovering that I had a strong interest in both business and code. A part-time semester due to COVID and unforeseen events resulted in the denial of a work visa and threatened to derail my plans, so the journey wasn’t without its difficulties. Still, I persevered because of my tenacity and unwavering will.

My ability to support startups during the turbulent COVID-19 period and contact with clients throughout the globe made freelancing my lifeline. I was more determined to achieve because of every setback and rejection. I managed to achieve success, receiving honors upon graduation and obtaining a valuable two-year work permit in the land of boundless opportunities and maple leaves. Although my work permit was only meant to last for a year, I ended up getting longer. How? You will find it ahead.

However, the adventure is far from over. My friend, its just getting started. Oh no. I’m constantly improving my abilities and seizing new chances as they present themselves. Studying French? Yes, indeed! Because there are no limits to growth on this life path. You might ask, what was on the other side of the horizon? I’m pursuing a lifelong goal of mine, which is to obtain a bachelors degree in physics after obtaining permanent residency. Because ambitions that are postponed are not abandoned; rather, they are just waiting for the ideal opportunity to materialize. So let’s lace up our boots, roll up our sleeves, and march forward with courage in our hearts and fire in our souls. In the end, it’s not the destination that defines us, but the journey we undertake to reach it.

How I Got a Work Permit for More Than a Year

It all began with a setback. After pursuing part-time studies for a semester because of unavoidable circumstances, my post-graduation work permit application was rejected. Disappointed but undeterred, I made the bold decision to return to academia, enrolling in a one-year program in International Business.

I could obtain an equivalent one-year work permit by finishing a one-year program, as per the IRCC regulations. But I felt that I deserved more. I was resolved to have my voice heard because I felt I could make a valuable contribution to Canada’s workforce and communities.

Armed with determination and a compelling narrative, I penned a request letter to the IRCC. My entire being was devoted to narrating my academic path, stressing not just my academic successes but also my leadership experiences and personal development. I expressed myself strongly in my letter, explaining how my special combination of hard and soft skills could enhance Canada’s colourful tapestry, rather than merely requesting an extension of my work permit. I provided proof of my abilities and future contributions in the form of a carefully worded résumé.

And then, by god’s grace and by the sheer force of my conviction, I received a response that surpassed my wildest dreams. Instead of the expected one-year permit, I was granted an extended permit spanning an impressive 2 years and 9 months.

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Taking the things I’ve learned from my adventure with me, I’m starting a new chapter in Canada. Challenges are inevitable, but I also know that I can conquer them if I’m determined and have unshakable faith in myself.

How to Present Yourself to Companies if You’re in the IT Field

I realized I needed to be proactive to stand out in a crowded job market when I was
waiting for my work permit approval without a bachelor’s degree in hand. I was invited
for interviews by major corporations such as Amazon, TD, Meta, and other industry leaders. I was able to stand out from the competition by utilizing the following crucial tactics:

Craft an ATS-Friendly Resume: Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS) are used by many firms to filter resumes in the digital era. Use pertinent keywords, ensure your resume is formatted correctly, and emphasize your volunteer work, soft skills, and leadership abilities to make sure it is spotted.

Establish a Robust Network: When you don’t have a standard school background, networking is extremely important for obtaining employment prospects. Speak with seniors, the community, professors, and online IT communities. Insights, recommendations, and possibilities that might not be advertised elsewhere can be obtained through your network.

Display Yourself Professionally: It’s important to be visible online. Customize your LinkedIn profile to look professional by adding a compelling bio and a headshot. To showcase your abilities and knowledge, put your projects on GitHub. Always keep in mind that your first impression is frequently your last, so make the most of it.

Go the Extra Mile: In addition to the basics, consider going above and beyond to set
yourself apart. Here are some extra tips:

1. Continuous Learning: Stay updated with the latest trends and technologies in your field. Pursue relevant certifications to enhance your skills and credibility.

2. Personal Branding: Building a distinctive personal brand that represents your abilities, principles, and professional goals is known as personal branding. Maintaining consistency across all of your professional platforms will help you get recognition and draw in recruiters.

3. Networking Events: To grow your network and pick the brains of industry professionals, go to meetings, job fairs, and industry events. Never undervalue the importance of in-person interactions in creating deep bonds.

4. Volunteering: Take part in charitable endeavours according to your area of interest. It shows that you’re dedicated to having a positive influence and offers beneficial networking and experience chances.

End Note

MangoVisa empathizes with international students arriving in Canada, grappling with misinformation and exploitation. MangoVisa stands as a beacon of reliability, easing their journey and safeguarding their trust.

  • Karan is currently seeking software developer roles, leveraging his extensive experience as a freelance developer since 2019. Additionally, he brings valuable expertise in building startups and marketing strategies to the table.

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