We make it easy to prepare for all the expenses of your student life 

First-Ever Foreign Student

Financial Budget Sheet

Why it matters:

Self-Confidence & Financial Independence

As a student, you need to watch every dollar; getting surprised can be a distracting and unpleasant occurrence. 😯

Living in a new country comes with all kinds of changes to your day-to-day finances. Things that you pay for at home are suddenly free or discounted, and things you never pay for at home can suddenly come with prices attached.

What is in the excel sheet?

Pre-Filled Formulas & Tax Projections

That’s why we’ve pre-prepared budget templates for students just like you, studying in the USA or Canada, that include all the things you’ll need to think about financing while you’re here.

It gives you realistic expectations about what you’ll need each semester for food, transportation, lodging, healthcare, entertainment and a whole bunch of other things, like sending funds back home – to help you better plan your money.✌️


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