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Our Commitment to Empower International Students

In the field of immigration, trust is important. At MangoVisa, we recognize the challenges faced by international students upon landing in Canada—challenges often exacerbated by misinformation, premium charges, or even scams. We understand the weight of the responsibility these students carry, not just for themselves but for their families back home.

Who we are?

About MangoVisa

The inception of MangoVisa wasn’t just a business venture; it emerged from a personal story that struck a chord. Witnessing a cousin fall victim to a scam during the immigration process ignited a fervent mission to protect fellow immigrants from such pitfalls. Thus, MangoVisa was born—a platform designed with passion for legal professionals, dedicated to providing a secure haven for international students.

The journey began with the Joint App, an attempt to develop a solution that would empower immigrants. However, it took time and resources to realize that a website was the ideal medium. This shift to MangoVisa represents not just a technological evolution but a commitment to offering a human-centric space for legal interactions.

After 1.5 years of relentless work, MangoVisa stands proud with 1,000 international student partnerships. This isn’t just a statistic; it’s a testament to the impact we’ve had on the lives of those seeking legal guidance in a foreign land.

During our private beta testing, lawyers experienced unprecedented success in effortlessly connecting with confident clients. Whether handling emergencies or routine calls, MangoVisa became a reliable tool for legal professionals, enhancing their efficiency and expanding their reach.

Our commitment extends beyond just simplicity for immigrants; it’s about embodying what software should be—straightforward, direct, and focused on getting the job done without wasting time. At MangoVisa, we stand firm on the pillars of simplicity, trust, and efficiency, ensuring a seamless and secure legal interaction for all.

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